Is padding necessary for my carpet flooring?

Is padding necessary for my carpet flooring?

Yes, it also needs to be the right type for your carpeting. Please read further to learn more.

What is padding?

Carpet padding is foam, fiber, nylon, or other material placed under your carpet. It reduces stress on your flooring, decreases noise, and makes walking or standing on the floor more comfortable.

What padding does

1. It reduces drafts and keeps cold air from seeping through the carpet. Like carpet, padding also has an R-Value, a measure of temperature insulation.

2. It enhances appearance. The carpeting won't have anything to keep it in place; this causes sliding, bunching, and wrinkling.

3. It makes it more comfortable to walk. Padding helps to absorb shock and provides that bouncy, springy feeling.

4. It increases the longevity of your soft surface floor covering. The carpet's backing and binding lie directly against the bare floor without padding.

There's nothing to absorb any shock, whether foot traffic or other wear. Instead, the padding protects the carpet.

5. It makes cleaning easier. Padding will keep stains from absorbing and going into the subfloor.

The importance of selecting the proper carpet padding

Sometimes a carpet store will throw something in the bag, saying, "It's good." Not all padding is appropriate for every carpet.

Some paddings may be too thick for every carpet. For example, Berber carpets should not be thicker than 7/16 of an inch.

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