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How long will hardwood flooring last?

If you are about to purchase hardwood flooring, one of your first questions will likely be how long this flooring will last. In today's post, we will talk about lifespan, products, and what you can expect from the options you choose, so read along to find out more.

Your hardwood flooring timeline

Solid hardwood offers a lifespan that can easily surpass 100 years, especially with professional installation and proper maintenance. However, some historic buildings have their original hardwood and are more than 200 years old, which gives you an idea of how long your floors could last.

Engineered hardwood, which features plywood backing with a natural wood veneer on top, averages about 30 years of life, providing an excellent option for below-grade spaces. In addition, it performs well in damp, humid areas that are prone to temperature changes.

Hardwood refinishing
is a service that applies to both of these materials, with outstanding results, bringing your floors back to a like-new appearance. This service strips away years of wear, allowing you to add a new stain color and finish type, and extends the life of your flooring as a result.

We have the wood flooring you need

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