Three top trends in carpet flooring

Three top trends in carpet flooring

Remember in the not-so-distant past when carpeting served mainly as a background for the room? Today, it's all about self-expression with everything from maximalism to play patterns.

What is maximalism?

Simply, it's the exact opposite of minimalism. The more pattern and color, the better. It’s about design and personal expression.

There's no right or wrong way to create a maximalist atmosphere, and there are no rules. It doesn't depend on any particular decor style!

Go ahead! Get that rug you've always wanted but didn't think would suit your decor.

Carpet tiles bring out the eye toward design

Don’t walk past them in our carpet store! In the past, these modular squares were considered for hotels, pubs, and some office floors.

They are often preferred because of their stain resistance and sound deadening effects. They've also become a favorite for kids' bedrooms, playrooms, family rooms, dens, and more.

They are available in many fibers, including wool and nylon, and are recognized for their different shapes, sizes, and design flexibility. Think of it as art for the floor, whether it's an abstract, stripes, or an edgy geographic.

Bold colors and rich, deep neutrals

This floor covering has a color for every taste and style. Jewel tones, such as red, orange, yellow, and green, are trending.

Earth-toned neutrals are also in, like the "new neutrals," like gray and blue.

Gray makes a bold statement, especially when paired with a contrasting color. On the other hand, designers love blue because it goes with anything. It also adds a pop of color without overwhelming the room.

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